About Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County

Please note we are Sadsbury Township of Lancaster County. We are often confused with Salisbury Township, West Sadsbury Township or Sadsbury Township of Chester County. 

Township Building

Sadsbury Township Office is located at 7182 White Oak Road, Christiana, PA 17509.

Our phone number is 610-593-6796

Our email address is info@sadsburytownshiplancaster.org 

Office hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Please call the Township Office to make sure someone is here before making the trip.  We do step out to attend meetings, monitor issues, or respond to emergencies.

General Township Information

Current population:  3,536 (2020 – US Census Bureau)

Assessed Valuation:  $256,980,900

Municipal Road Miles:  44.66

State Road Miles:  19.25

Taxes and Fees

Municipal Real Estate Millage: 0.776000

Real Estate Transfer Tax: 1%

Municipal Earned Income Tax: 0.50%

School Earned Income Tax: 0.50%

Ordinances In Effect


Comprehensive Planning

Building Code


Subdivision and Land Development

Our Ordinances are not available online, but you can purchase ordinances in the office for $20. each.  We do not keep extra copies in the office, we will make copies when ordered.

Township Services

Volunteer Fire CompaniesView Township Fire District Map

Three Fire Companies serve Sadsbury Township, they are all volunteer organizations, please remember to support them during their annual membership drives and fund raisers throughout the year.

Bart Fire Company

11 Furnace Road, Quarryville  717.786.3348

Link to Bart Fire Company Website

Christiana Fire Company

214 S Bridge Street, Christiana 610.593.2142

Link to Christiana Fire Company Website

Gap Fire Company 

802 Pequea Avenue, Gap  717.442.8100 

Link to Gap Fire Company Facebook Page



An ambulance responds to the scene of an emergency.

Christiana Ambulance

55 Pine Creek Drive, Gap  610.593.8166 

Link to Christiana Ambulance Website

Christiana Community Ambulance provides Basic Life Services (BLS) to all of Sadsbury Township. Christiana Community Ambulance is staffed by both volunteer and paid staff.  Christiana Community Ambulance does bill for services however, without annual memberships, municipal donations, and fund raising, the ambulance would close its doors.  We all want a community ambulance to respond when our loved one’s need medical support.   


Patrolled by the Pennsylvania State Police 911 for emergencies or 717.299.7650 for general issues. 

Link to Pennsylvania State Police Website



The school district for Sadsbury Township is Octorara Area School District

Link to Octorara Area School District Website