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Road Crew Information

The Township employs full-time and part-time staff. In the Winter our priority is snow removal preparedness, annual equipment maintenance, and building maintenance and upgrades. In the Spring our focus will be repairing any potholes or damage to the roads that occurred over the winter and general spring clean-up. Moving into Summer we begin mowing and weed trimming the Township as well as gutter cleaning and preparing designated roads for resurfacing treatments in the late summer/early fall. Some of our other responsibilities through-out the year include maintaining the grounds and gardens at the Municipal Building, sign repair and guardrail upgrades, stormwater management, storm clean-up (fallen trees and debris), and maintaining the Enola Trail.

If you notice anything in the Township which may need our attention, please call the Municipal Office at 610-593-6796

Road Projects

Our main priority in Public Works is Road Preservation.  To this end, every year the Township Staff takes a road tour to take a close look at the roads and to discuss which roads will get which treatment.

Outside Contractor Options: (listed from most expensive to least).

Milling and Paving– This is the process of removing part of the road pavement, typically 1-2 inches, to level and smooth the surface.  The newly ground surface is then layered with tack and set to receive a fresh, smooth coat of asphalt.

Ultra-Thin Overlay– The material is placed with a paver capable of applying a highly polymerized asphalt emulsion tack coat and within 3 seconds applying the Hot Mix Asphalt paving material. This process was done to White Oak Rd. in 2021 on the section between Noble Rd. south to the Township Line. This was the first time the Township used this process, so far, we are impressed.

Fog Seal– Is comprised of quick setting, hard asphalt with high polymer content.  This process provides a fast setting, flexible finish to reseal the road.

Mechanized Skin Patching- This is a process that is applied by a single truck specially designed to apply tar and then a layer of fine stone simultaneously. This allows us to target just the problem area of the surface, instead of the whole road. It is ready for traffic in 30 minutes.

Seal Coat, also known as Oil-n-Chip– Least expensive means of preserving roads, yet its sealing qualities are top rated among maintenance processes due to the high application rate of soft flexible asphalt applied directly on an existing surface.

In-House Options: (using Township owned equipment)

Cold Patching– This is the process of hand shoveling asphalt that is formulated to be used unheated into a pothole or damaged edge. It is then compacted with a motorized portable tamper. This is a quick, economical way to do spot repairs.  Repairs can be driven on immediately.  Cold patch is more flexible than Hot Mix, making it less susceptible to cracking.

Manual Skin Patching– Similar to Mechanized Skin Patching except done by hand with a Tar Buggy and Shovels.

Every year Public Works does Cold Patching and Manual Skin Patching on an as needed basis.  You will see us all over the Township doing spot repairs during the warmer months.  The other processes are used when doing entire roads or long stretches of road.


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