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Stormwater / Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Stormwater Information

East Branch Octoraro Creek

  • Sadsbury Township currently holds a 2018- June 2023 General MS4 Permit under PADEP. Federal legislation under The Clean Water Act.
  • The Township is responsible for implementing a Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) by the end of 2024.The PRP describes potential projects where Best Management Practices (BMP) will reduce sediment discharge by 10% during the five year permit cycle. Potential Projects in Sadsbury Township include basin retrofits, bioswale and stream restoration.
  • You may see Township representatives out in the Urban Area inspecting the Township’s Stormwater System. We have begun our management program as required by DEP & EPA.  We will be regularly inspecting the system to ensure it is working properly.  If we notice a problem, we need to address the issues.   Should you have any questions regarding MS4, please feel free to contact Wendy Dettrey at 610-593-6796. PADEP Phone Number 1-800-541-2050. 

How Can The Public Help?

Every resident can help in reducing pollutants which travel into our streams. Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the street and storm drains. 

  • Mow your grass height to 3″ or higher to slow down the rate of runoff allowing more water to be absorbed into the ground.
  • Research fertilizers and pesticides for non-chemical alternatives.
  • One of the MS4 requirements is Public Education and Outreach.  You will be hearing more from us on what you can do to help.

See Something? Say Something.

To report dumping or discharges into the stormwater system, please call the Township phone number at 610-593-6796. If you are calling after hours, please leave a detailed message regarding your observation including the following details.

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number/Other Contact Information
  • Date Of Observation
  • Description Of Witnessed Dumping/Discharge Activity
  • Location Of Observation (Street Name, Infrastructure)
  • Information About Responsible Party



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